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公告主題編號: BOD201805100851082VD
領域、議題: 新科技媒材應用
公告開始日期: 2018/5/10
公告結束日期: 2018/5/31
標題: Kahoot! - Play Learning Games
內容: 簡介 「教育」類中排名第 15 Play anywhere and anytime, compete, have fun and LEARN! Our quiz app unleashes the magic of learning for students, teachers, office superheroes and all trivia fans. Hi, we’re Kahoot! We’re known for our game-based platform that is used by 70 million of curious minds in schools, offices, at events and in other social contexts. You can play a game of Kahoot! (most often a quiz) live with everyone in the same room, compete against others remotely or perfect your quiz skill in single-player mode. One app - many superpowers: Trivia app Find a quiz on any topic among millions of games on our platform. You can play on your own or challenge friends for a fun competition. Homework app Instead of paper assignments, teachers can now assign kahoots as homework using challenges. Make homework awesome, save time on correcting assignments and track learning progress. Live classroom game app Join kahoots hosted live, for example, in classrooms, use this app as the game controller and collect all medals you win! Remote training app Calling all corporate trainers! Make training really engaging with Kahoot! challenges, even if participants are miles apart. (for businesses, it’s part of the premium plans - Kahoot! Plus or Kahoot! Pro)
相關連結: https://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/kahoot-play-learning-games/id1131203560?platform=ipad&preserveScrollPosition=true#platform/ipad
點閱數: 52
建檔時間: 2018/5/10 上午 08:51:08
更新時間: 2018/5/10 上午 08:52:50
建檔ID: USR20160804092216QU5
更新ID: USR20160804092216QU5
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